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Barber Prices

At h.davis, our barbers are not just skilled professionals; they are artists dedicated to crafting the perfect look for you.

With a blend of traditional techniques and modern trends, our barbers deliver precision cuts, impeccable shaves, and personalized grooming services that elevate your style to the next level. Each barber at h.davis is committed to providing an exceptional experience, ensuring you leave looking and feeling your best.

Our barbers' expertise, combined with their passion for their craft, sets them apart as the best in the business.

Trust h.davis for a grooming experience that goes beyond the ordinary and transforms your appearance with every visit.


30min Short & Clipper styles  from $31
Beard Trim from from $13
Barber Facial Shave from $15

Extras... the finer details

Facial waxing (brows) From $19
Facial waxing (lip, chin, nose, ear) a la carte From $10
Brow Tint From $15
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